Wednesday, January 04, 2006

A Week lecture on Persian Gulf

Last night I attended another lecture on Persian Gulf at Khaneh-ye Honarmandan, The House of Iranian Artists (official site in Persian and English: ).

I enjoyed the first part on history of Persian Gulf in Movies and Documentaries. The second part, lecture of Dr Mojtahed-zadeh was not held...!!!

Outside the hall, hundreds of people, young and old, packed two floors and stairways for memorial of Morteza Momayez the "Father of Iranian Graphics" who died 40 days ago.

In the hall though, the majority of audience for Persian Gulf were well over 60 or 70 years old. Seemingly still the older generation in Iran knows more and is more sensitive about Persian Gulf Issues and history.

Inside Iran the new generation is not confronted with everyday use of "Arabian Gulf" and is less informed than the ones outside Iran.

There is a lot to do for informing friends and family members in Iran about what is happening on the international scene about part of their heritage.

(here is the list of monthly programs of House of Iranian Artists )


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